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Brand work

Below is a collection of work completed for various companies.

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Diamond Edge Communications
(Bridges 2030)

As an Account Director, I elevated the quality of client deliverables through effective team management, clear communication & coordination, content strategy recommendations, and personal industry knowledge. In an effort to vastly streamline Bridges 2030's ability to acquire donors, partners, and volunteers, I headed the complete redesign of the main website. Bridges 2030 is a 501(c) (3) NGO that supports forcibly displaced communities through the UN Sustainable Development Goals.     

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Overview of efforts:

The main challenge of simplifying Bridges 2030's messaging was accomplished through a complete revamp of content formatting/direction, redesign of the website, and the addition of new social media pages. The team and myself formulated best practice guideline documentation, competitor research, and industry insights for the client's future reference. 


As an Events and Social Media Marketing Intern, I contributed to the growth and management of Calix's media presence through detailed strategy assessments, development of corresponding content action plans, social campaigns, and a plethora of research initiatives.      

Mini-Social Campaign:

A 4-post cross-platform campaign I was given the opportunity to devise and execute

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Focus podcast

As a volunteer YouTube Content Manager, I re-designed thumbnails to reflect brand theme/provided HEX codes

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