About Me

Hi! My name is Isaac Schein and I am on a journey of combining my passion of content creation and brand management while helping audiences receive the messaging they deserve and need! My exciting mission began as a music major at Temple where I explored the art of composition and performance. As my love for music grew, so did my passion for other creative avenues such as freelance photography, advertising, content creation, and video editing. Thus, combining the two subjects became inevitable. I am well versed in social media industry standards and prepared to bring my proactive mindset to your team. Through dynamic social outreach and impactful campaigns, I am committed to improving customer engagement and satisfaction. One of my current initiatives is running a small but growing gaming channel on the YouTube platform. 


I am in my final year of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising with a concentration in Brand Strategy and Research from Temple University’s Lew Klein College of Media and Communication along with a minor in Music from Temple’s Boyer College of Music and Dance.

Intern experience: 

The Clio Awards, MKB Marketing Solutions, Calix Inc.